“I pray daily for Belti… my greatest wish is that she can walk and play with other children.”

You can be the answer to prayer to help a child like Belti walk again!

Belti was only five years old. Like other children in her village, she wanted to run around and play with her friends.

She wanted to go to school and help her family with chores.

But she couldn’t.

Because she had knock-knees – a condition that turned her knees inwards and made it too painful to walk.

In fact, the pain worsened every day.

The doctor who saw her said, “There will be one point where Belti is not able to walk anymore because of severe pain.”

But Belti’s grandma, Electa, could not afford the treatment Belti needed. She is a widow with six grandchildren to care for. And she barely makes enough to survive as a peasant farmer.

Every day, Electa cried out to God:

“I pray... that she can walk and play with children.”

Please, will you be the answer to prayer?