Gift of Sight
Gift of Sight
Gift of Sight
Gift of Sight

The “shifting shadow” you can sweep away…

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows”

It’s a verse from James 1:17, in the NIV… God, the giver of gifts, is unchanging! He’s not like shadows that shift when the light moves. 
No, God’s light always shines on us.

It reminds me how gifts from people like YOU sweep away the shadows of blindness and bring light too!

We recently met a father with an unusual name: Desire. He has seen shifting shadows all his life, because cataracts cloud his vision. And as you can imagine, they’ve had a devastating impact on his life.

So today, I’m asking you to help lift “shadows” from the life of a parent like him.

“My dream as a kid was to go to university one day,” he says. But sadly it was not to be. You see, Desire couldn’t see the blackboard, and he had to leave school. He then dreamt of becoming a carpenter alongside his cousin – but “work in the carpentry workshop required that I be able to see… or the machines could injure me.”

Another dream lost to blindness that can be so easily fixed. It’s just heartbreaking!

Can you imagine a young man living with such disappointment – dream after dream has been crushed, and he can’t provide for his children the way he’d like to? The way he dreamed he would?

It is just so easy to lift the shadow of blindness in Desire’s life. Will you give a vital $33 today to restore sight to a loving parent like Desire?

$ for where my help is needed most.

Cataract Facts & Stats

Icon of people holding hands

20 million – people who have cataract/s

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51% – cataract responsible for world blindness

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Over 10 million – cataract surgeries around the world every year

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