Help children see again
Help children see again
Help children see again
Help children see again

For most three-year-olds, their greatest joy is seeing and playing with their toys and family.

Now imagine not being able to do either.

Cataracts don’t just steal a child’s joy for today but their hope for tomorrow.

A gift of just $33 can help children like Dimitri see again. Please donate now.

Dimitri’s mother, Nadege, knew the problems her son would face. She’d had cataracts too.

"From day one I noticed that my baby’s eyes were not normal,” she said.

She sought help only to be told the surgery would cost more than she could ever afford.

For a poor family living in a single bedroom home, the news was crushing.

“We have been home since then, praying and hoping for a miracle.”

The good news is this – the generous gift of a CBM supporter like you meant Dimitri could undergo surgery. And now he can see!

"Today is the beginning of a bright future for Dimitri,” Nadege said after her son’s sight-saving surgery.

You can be part of a life-changing moment like this by donating just $33 today. Click here or call 1800 678 069 to give right now.

Sadly, there are so many more children like Dimitri who need sight-saving surgery, and whose families are praying and hoping for a miracle.  

You can help more children today. Your gift can help transform the lives of other children like Dimitri.

Help children like Dimitri see again!