Donate Now children like Haimanot have safe access to clean water

Haimanot walks alone for hours, on a long, dry, dusty road, vulnerable to possible attack, to collect water that could kill her.

This dried-up river, riddled with bacteria, can cause deadly diarrhoea. Unfortunately, Haimanot has no other choice but to drink this water.

CBM needs to raise $465,223 to support the provision of 20 new water systems over the next three years. With your donation today you can end the suffering of water-borne disease and protect little children, just like you helped protect Haimanot.

To make matters worse Haimanot faces the threat of possible attack each time she had to collect this awful water. She wouldn’t even hear an attacker coming!  You see, Haimanot was born deaf.

When you donate today you can stop these deadly diseases and protect children like Haimanot.

Your donation, given at this critical time, will help keep children like Haimanot from becoming one of the 502,000 people who die each year from drinking disease-ridden water full of bacteria that cause deadly diarrhoea.

Please donate now! Your donation given today can be life-saving!

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