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Jema's eyelids grind over her damaged eyes like sandpaper.

Every blink causes excruciating pain – pain that makes living almost unbearable. Jema is being blinded by Trachoma and unless something can be done for her son, Hayatu, he will likely suffer the same fate too.

Jema began losing vision from her right eye seven years ago. And now, sight from her left eye is being lost to Trachoma.

Because of the disease, Jema can't work, farm, fetch water or care for Hayatu. Jema and Hayatu were abandoned by her husband, and to survive Jema has been reduced to begging on the street.

Hayatu no longer attends school. Instead, he devotes himself to his mother's care.

"He cooks for me, he fetches water, he does everything. He supports me, he loves me." she said

Sadly, because Trachoma is so highly contagious, it is this very same love and care that will likely take Hayatu's sight too. A simple hug can pass on the disease!

Every dollar you donate will be multiplied by 12 to protect children against Trachoma with one year of medication.

Help end Trachoma today. Donate now to multiply your impact by 12.

  • Trachoma is the leading cause of infectious blindness in the world.
  • Trachoma is preventable, but poor and remote communities lack access to medication and information.
  • 44% of global Trachoma sufferers live in Ethiopia, where your multiplied gift will go.
  • Almost 1 in 3 children in Ethiopia have Trachoma or are at serious risk of blindness.
  • Trachoma is more than an eye disease – it impacts people's education, ability to work and provide for their families.
  • Trachoma also leads to countless deaths due to injury and other complications.

God has blessed us with generous partners and hard-working staff in the field.

Trachoma-fighting antibiotics are provided free of charge by a generous healthcare company in Ethiopia. And, thanks to our widespread distribution network in the field, we are effectively able to extend the impact of every dollar you donate by 12.

Help eradicate blinding Trachoma. Donate Now.

Zebenay's life has changed for the better and she's on a mission to spread the word.

"I want to inform people with this similar problem, go and get the free services – go get rid of this pain!"

Trachoma was sending Zebenay blind, and her four children were at risk of catching the disease too. But that all changed when she met a CBM field partner.

Zebenay's sight has been saved and her eyes are pain free, and her children are now protected from blinding Trachoma by simple medication and improved hygiene and sanitation.

"Saving eyes means saving lives. So, they saved our life when they saved our sight. We can't even express our great thanks." - Muhiye, Zebenay's husband

Zebenay and family
Zebenay and family

Help end Trachoma today. Donate now to multiply your impact by 12.