The little girl who needed a Miracle…

Can you imagine walking into a dim hut, perched on top of a hill in an isolated part of Vietnam?
There’s a smoky fire in the middle, and a little girl begins to sing…

It is a song to welcome you to her village. Her voice is sweet and clear. It melts your heart.

The little girl is Nhung. She’s six, and our eye team met her just like this recently. She sang, and then cuddled into her older sister, La, who is very protective… for a good reason – you see, Nhung is losing her sight.

And in this village, in this country, nothing short of a Miracle will save her sight. Today you’re needed to be that Miracle…

Nhung’s mother shares how worried she is. “Nhung’s eye is very red, and she squints when she’s outside… Although she loves school, she has trouble seeing the blackboard.”

Little Nhung says, “When I was at class and the teacher asked me to read the text in the book… I cannot see clearly.” She’s trying to be brave, but she adds later, “If I try to see with the cataract eye, I feel pain… The more I try, the more I feel pain.”

Tears come to her mother’s eyes as she asks us again and again for help for her daughter.

When you donate today, you’ll enable CBM’s medical partners to perform a ‘Miracle’ sight-saving surgery – that takes just 12 minutes!

Can you believe it takes only 12 minutes for doctors to remove the cataract in a person’s eye? And when the eye patch comes off their sight will be restored and they will have hope for the future.

Please donate now to give Miracle sight-saving surgery to one of the world’s poorest children like Nhung.