It's not just Ramsaran's feet that cause him pain and sadness..


That’s all five-year-old Ramsaran feels as he watches his siblings walk to school.

“I want to run and play,” he says. “I want to go to school.”

But for a child with clubfoot it’s impossible.

Please give today to straighten the feet of a child with clubfoot and restore their hope of a new life this Easter.

For Ramsaran, school is an hours’ walk, and the steep hills of remote Nepal are dangerous and potentially life-threatening to walk down.

Ramsaran’s feet are bent painfully inwards by Congenital Clubfoot. Instead of following his brothers and sisters to school he remains bound to his run-down mud hut. Instead of learning and playing with his peers, he spends his days playing in the dirt.

“He cries a lot when the older siblings leave in the morning,” Bishnu, Ramsaran’s mother says. “We are living hand to mouth. We don’t have any money. What can we do?”

Children like Ramsaran are not just living with daily pain and inequality, but the hope-crushing reality that nothing will change unless something can be done. This Easter your simple gift can give a child like Ramsaran hope for the future. 5 Things you need to know about clubfoot

Congenital Clubfoot can be treated, and for those whose clubfeet cannot be treated, simple aids like crutches can provide the mobility they so desperately need. But without the means to do so, Ramsaran and others like him are relying on you to help them attend school and restore their hope for the future.

This Easter is your chance to reflect the hope and new life that Christ brings into the lives of those who truly need it most.

Give now to ensure children like Ramsaran can go to school and discover the hope of new life.

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