Rohingya children are facing a new threat…

In the chaos of the camps, children are so vulnerable. Many have lost parents or siblings and many more are still in deep shock and trauma…

After all the horrors the Rohingya have endured, a new danger is threatening their children in refugee camps in Bangladesh – child traffickers.

You may know that almost half a million Rohingya families fled violence in their country, Myanmar. And thousands of children have witnessed terrible atrocities.

As you can imagine, those children and parents who survived have been left with unspeakable trauma. And many are still in danger – especially those who’ve lost their families.

Only yesterday we saw reports of child traffickers active in the Bangladesh refugee camps, where families are desperately trying to survive.

It is crucial that we provide Safe Spaces for these children and their families, with access to medical care and psychosocial support, including the help of an interpreter.

We know what these children need above all is to be kept safe from predators.

Please help us create Safe Spaces for children to protect them from trafficking.

CBM has been working among the Rohingya since the crisis began. And we know that wherever large numbers of children are involved – like here – those children become vulnerable to being trafficked.

We must respond immediately to this threat by identifying vulnerable children. And we must establish a safe environment where they’ll be protected from traffickers. A place where children can feel secure, explore creative play and learn to build positive peer relations.


At least 6,700 Rohingya were KILLED IN ONE MONTH after violence erupted.

Over 730 OF THOSE KILLED WERE CHILDREN under the age of five.

687,000 men, women and children have SOUGHT SANCTUARY IN REFUGEE CAMPS since the violence began.

Please donate now to keep children safe.