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Ashika has a big thick fringe, which hides her shy eyes. Yet if you look carefully, you can see she’s not looking at anything for long – her eyes dart around the room. Ashika has extreme myopia, which means she struggles to see further than her hand.

Her mother says, “I noticed that Ashika couldn’t see small things… it’s difficult to leave her alone. She has fallen into small pits several times around the village.”

Her father, Bahadur, adds sadly, “Some months ago, we sent Ashika to a school nearby. But after a few days, she would just not want to go there…” Bahadur’s voice trails off, before he says quietly, “Later, we found out that the other children teased her, that she looked at the board with a squint and that she could not even play with them.”

You see, the sad truth is that being teased is common for children like Ashika in countries where people still think disability is someone’s fault… Sad to say, children with disabilities are often hidden away for their own protection.

“I just sit in my house,” says Ashika in a very small voice. “I play with my doll.” 

It’s heartbreaking to think of a child hidden away in darkness – all because she lacks a simple pair of glasses needed to see.

You can bless children like Ashika with glasses, surgery or medication needed to save sight!

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"I can see everything now!" - Ashika

When a CBM fieldworker visited Ashika's village for eye screening, the results of Ashika's test were shocking. She reports: "I've rarely come across someone with such poor vision as Ashika."

Ashika was taken to CBM's partner eye hospital that very day to be seen by our optometrist, Dr Paj. He was very concerned that Ashika's eye condition was only going to worsen without treatment. "She'll have to wear high-powered glasses all her life," Dr Paj says, "or else her vision will reduce even further."

Today, thanks to generous supporters, Ashika wears both her new glasses… and a big smile! "Today I can see so big and clear!" she says. "I will go to school. I'll learn to read and I'll play with friends. I can see everything now!"

Please give so we can help more children like Ashika…