Stop Trachoma before it starts

'I was scared ... I feared that I had Trachoma'

Badecha is a widow.

Badecha is from one of the poorest villages in all of Ethiopia.She owns only a tiny plot of land, and can barely feed her three children.

For almost a year her eyes had seared with pain. Each day the pain got worse, and her sight weaker. Badecha struggled to do what her family needed to survive.

Finally, in agony, Badecha tore out her eyelashes. Imagine how excruciating the pain would need to be for you to resort to tearing out your eyelashes.

Your urgent action NOW can protect a family from the agony of Trachoma!

How you help

You can now help protect a mum like Badecha and her whole family from the agony of Trachoma! Through CBM, you provide complete care via the 4 Step FACE program:

Face-washing: makes sure eyes are clean to 'stop the gunk' and that flies don't spread infection. Antibiotics: medication is cheap and easy to use, and protects against Trachoma infection. Clean water: provides communities with easy access to clean water sources. Education: teaches families the simple hygiene practices they can all do to prevent the spread of Trachoma.


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