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For 15 years Tayitu had been going blind.

Every blink, every meal she lovingly cooked for her children, every glance towards the bright sky would send tears flowing down her face.

“It’s very painful, it hurts when I try to cook,”  she said. “But I can’t stop cooking for my kids, so I had to do it anyway.”

“I was worried a lot,” Tayitu continued. “If I can see, even if I can’t walk I can do anything. But if I lose my eyes, I can’t do anything!”

Because Trachoma is so infectious it can spread quickly and easily – children are particularly vulnerable to the blinding disease. It’s a thought that haunts Tayitu.

“I worry about my children,” she said. “Because I had it, I always kept thinking about my children.” “I don’t want my children, grandchildren or anybody to get Trachoma. I wouldn’t want that for anybody – even my enemies.”

When I met Tayitu earlier this year, I was blown away by her resilience and positivity.

How is your impact multiplied?

God has blessed us with generous partners and hard-working staff in the field.

Trachoma-fighting antibiotics are provided free of charge by a generous healthcare company in Ethiopia. And thanks to our widespread distribution network in the field, we are effectively able to extend the impact of every dollar you donate by 12.

Thanks to the support of people just like you, Tayitu’s pain has been cured and her sight has been restored. And protective antibiotics are keeping her family safe from blinding Trachoma.

“Before I got help, I would look at one person and see two – it was not clear. Now it is clear, and the pain is gone!”

“God has saved me from blindness!”

“All I feel is happiness – just happiness,” she smiles.

This vital, life changing work is only possible because of people like you.

Donate now to multiply your impact by 12.
End Trachoma today.

As I sat with her, I struggled to imagine how difficult life must have been for a committed mother like her amongst such poverty and pain.

For more than a decade she had been living with the burning pain of Trachoma, but as we spoke she smiled. Not just a polite smile from the corner of her mouth, but the kind of smile that stretches both wide and deep.

It was a smile that grew from the depths of her truly grateful heart.

Why? Because her life has been changed. Her Trachoma has been treated and her fear for her children’s sight taken away.

All because of people like you.

Trachoma continues to take too many people’s sight and impact too many lives. I’m committed to eradicating this terrible disease by 2020.

Please prayerfully consider joining me by making a very important gift.

Your impact will be multiplied by 12. Give now to help end Trachoma today. 

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Jane Edge
Chief Executive Officer

Help end Trachoma today. Donate now to multiply your impact by 12.